From Genes to Cells to Diseases

The Montgomery lab studies genetic effects on gene regulation and gene expression to identify the molecular and cellular mechanisms which define human traits.

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    The Genotype-Tissue Expression project

    The Genotype-Tissue Expression project

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    NIH awards $26.4 million to Stanford researchers for physical activity study

    The medical school professors were awarded the grants as part of a large-scale National Institutes of Health program to study the biology of how physical activity improves health.

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    Are fitbands the future of genetic research?

    Data from fitbands and smart watches, when combined with genetic information, could be a powerful tool in medical research.

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    How genes define us - Podcast

    Stephen Montgomery studies genetics and runs the Montgomery Lab at Stanford University. He's particularly interested in how and why genes, of which we have over 20,000 in our human genome, turn on and off and vary from person to person. From the production of insulin to turning your hair grey, knowing how our genes function and change over time could be used to help us fight illness and prevent diseases in the future.

Stephen B. Montgomery
Stanford Medicine Professor of Pathology, Professor of Genetics and of Biomedical Data Science