• Recognized by Pakistan’s GNN News for the Modern Perspectives in Islamic Psychology Conference 

  • Recognized by the International Association of Islamic Psychology inaugural conference in Istanbul, Turkey 

  • Recognized by the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai' for presenting at a five-day train the trainers conference on mental health care for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Published on May 25, 2016. 

  • Invited lecture: “Muslim Psychologists in History” for the Mindful Muslim Podcast. Inspirited Minds in London, UK

  • Invited lecture: “A Can of Worms: Teaching Content while Respecting Process in a Culture and Spirituality Course.” 1st International Congress on Religious-Spiritual Counseling in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Invited Lecture: “Psychological Studies of Muslim Scholars: Abu Zayd al-Balkhi” International Seminar at the Muhammad ibn Hamad Al-Thani Center for Muslim Contributions to Civilizations at the College of Islamic Studies, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar.

  • Invited Lecture: Pregnancy and Muslim Mental Health” and “Compassion Fatigue and Burnout from the Islamic Perspective,” Keynote Address for the Canadian Muslim Mental Health Conference, University of Toronto School of Medicine, Toronto, Canada

  • Invited lecture: “Perspectives of Mental Health from Historical Muslim Scholarly Tradition” Ibn Khaldun University, Istanbul, Turkey 

  • Invited keynote speaker: “A Millennium before DSM-5: OCD in Al-Balkhi’s 9th Century Sustenance of the Body and Soul”, Islamic Perspectives in Modern Psychology International Conference, Lahore, Pakistan 

  • Invited keynote speaker: "Islamophobia and Public Mental Health: Lessons Learned from Community Engagement Projects,” XXXVIth International Congress on Law and Mental Health, Rome, Italy