Applying Hypertension Clinical Trials to Real World Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease

This study, a collaboration between investigators at the Veterans Health Administration and Kaiser Permanente, will apply novel causal inference methods and heterogeneous treatment effect models to extend evidence from clinical trials  of intensive versus standard blood pressure targets to adults with chronic kidney disease.

Funding source: NIH/NIDDK


Developing Tools for Dialysis Decision Support

This project will estimate the comparative effectiveness of dialysis versus medical management of kidney failure in older adults and develop new tools to support informed decision-making.

Funding Source: VA Merit Award

CKD Pragmatic Trials

Video KD - Improving Medical Decision Making for Older Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease 

This multi-center trial will assess the effectiveness of a video decision aid in advanced chronic kidney disease.

Funding Source: NIH/NIA

Patient Centered Outcomes

Kidney Care for Older Adults

We have a longstanding interest in evaluating the effects of kidney disease and hypertension treatment on brain structure and cognitive function, functional status, independence, and end-of-life outcomes.  Our collaborators for these studies have included the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort (CRIC), the Systolic PRessure Internvention Trial (SPRINT), the USRDS, and the Pathways Project. 

Funding source: NIDDK & NIA