Translational Radiopharmaceutical Sciences and Chemical Engineering Research (TRACER) for Molecular Imaging

This laboratory focuses on advancing radiopharmaceutical sciences for the expanding field of molecular imaging. We design and synthesize novel radioligands/radiotracers that bind to molecular targets related to specific nervous system (central and peripheral) disorders and cancer biology. In addition, new radiolabeling techniques and methodologies will be created in our lab for emerging radiopharmaceutical development as well as for the general radiochemistry community. These radiochemistry approaches will be coupled with innovative chemical engineering to further investigate new molecular imaging strategies. Successful imaging agents will also be extended towards future human clinical applications.

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Lab Members


Previous Lab Members

  • Natasha Arksey, MS
  • Samuel D. Banister, PhD
  • Corine Beinat, PhD
  • Rhona A. Berganos, BS
  • Stephanie Chen, BS
  • David Dick, PhD
  • Amit Hetsron, MS
  • Aileen Hoehne, PhD
  • So-Hee Kim, MS
  • Andrew Lamb
  • Christopher Lau, BS

Frederick Chin, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology