Research and Diagnosis of Disease States Using Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

This laboratory's interests involve research and diagnosis of disease states using new techniques of magnetic resonance (MR) in research and clinical research. Water diffusion-sensitive MR imaging of the brain and other tissues offers a unique tissue contrast mechanism. Mapping brain water diffusion has revolutionized our knowledge of the onset and evolution of cerebral stroke, making the MR scanner a potential "operating room" of choice for early and effective treatment of stroke and vascular disease.

Lab Members

Previous Lab Members

  • Roland Bammer, PhD
  • Nanjie Gong
  • Chris Hemond
  • Chunlei Liu
  • Jae Mo Park
  • Deqiang Qiu
  • Salil Soman
  • Rohit Sood

Michael Moseley, PhD

Professor, Radiology