Nuclear Medicine Research Lab (NMRL)

This laboratory is interested in:

  • The use of annexin V, a phosphatidylserine binding protein, to reverse tumor immunosuppression in models of breast cancer. 
  • The study of bacteriophage imaging and therapy of pseudomonas acute/chronic pulmonary infections in mice.
  • The use of Tc99m-HMPAO SPECT (a marker of intracellular glutathione) as an imaging biomarker of inherited and acquired mitochondrial disease in the brain and other mitochondrial rich organs in children and adults. 
  • Application of bioinformatics / FTIR microspectroscopy in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advance Light Source Division to study oxidative stress in live single cell fibroblasts and derived neurons from patients with inherited mitochondrial disease.

Lab Members

Bonnie Bell

Derek Holman, PhD

Previous Lab Members

Maureen Tedesco, MD

Sandip Biswal, MD

Shrihari Simpath, MD

Helen D’Arceuil, PhD

Elizabeth A. Holman

Francis Blankenberg, MD

Associate Professor, Radiology and Pediatrics