Daldrup-Link lab is part of the new SenNet consortium, an NIH program to map senescent cells across the body

Congratulations to Professor Heike Daldrup-Link, MD, PhD on being one of 16 grantees in the new SenNet consortium, an NIH program to "leverage recent advances in studying individual cells, or single-cell analysis, to comprehensively identify and characterize the differences in senescent cells across the body, across various states of human health, and across the lifespan."

Cellular Senescence Network: New Imaging Tools for Arthritis Imaging
Dr. Daldrup-Link's lab seeks to develop a new senescence PET imaging biomarker with preliminary data showing successful 18F labeling of 3-D-galacto-2-nitropyridine (PyGal), a known hydrophilic b-gal substrate.

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Image source: Daldrup-Link website