2019 WMIC MIPS Award Recipients

September 12, 2019

This years World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) was held in Philadelphia on September 4-7. MIPS had another strong presence this year.

We'd like to congratulate the following WMIC 2019 Award recipients:

2019 Young Investigator of the Year and Finalist

Congratulations to Aisling Chaney, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the Neuroimmune Imaging Research and Discovery (NiRD) Lab, who received the 2019 WMIC the Young Investigator of the Year Award and Corinne Beinat, PhD, an Instructor of Radiology, who was named a finalist. One of the most prestigious awards at the WMIC, the Young Investigator of the Year Award, recognizes a young, next-generation scientist making significant breakthroughs in the field of molecular imaging.

Dr. Chaney investigates novel PET imaging strategies to improve the understanding of the inflammatory component of devastating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and multiple sclerosis, with the ultimate aim of enhancing their diagnosis and treatment. Her presentation, "Tracking the Invaders in Multiple Sclerosis: a new highly specific PET imaging approach for visualizing peripheral innate immune activation with higher sensitivity than TSPO-PET", is the first report of a highly specific PET imaging strategy for detecting pathogenic peripheral CNS-infiltrating myeloid cells.

Dr. Beinat's research includes developing new strategies for: 1) novel radioligand and radiotracer development for various targets involved in brain cancer, 2) preclinical animal models of glioblastoma, and 3) clinical translation of useful radiopharmaceuticals for early-detection of disease and monitoring therapy. Her presenation was, "Evaluation of [18F]DASA-23 for non-invasive measurement of aberrantly epressed pyruvate kinase M2 in glioblastoma: preclinical and first in human studies".

Congratulations, Drs. Chaney and Beinat!

Women In Molecular Imaging Network Scholar Awards

Industry Selected Poster

Huaijun (Morgan) Wang, PhD, Paulmurugan Lab

"Chronic Model for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in IL10-/- Transgenic Mice: Evaluation with Ultrasound Molecular Imaging"

Travel Awards

Corinne Beinat, PhD, Gambhir Lab

"Evaluation of [18F]DASA-23 for non-invasive measurement of aberrantly expressed pyruvate kinase M2 in healthy volunteers and intracranial tumor patients"

Aisling Chaney, PhD, James Lab

"Tracking the invaders in multiple sclerosis: a new highly specific PET imaging approach for visualizing peripheral innate immune activation with higher sensitivity than TSPO-PET"

Rajendran JC Bose, PhD, Paulmurugan Lab

"Reconstructed Apoptotic Bodies (ReApoBds) Derived Vesicles as a Novel Nanocarrier for the Treatment of Intracellular Bacterial Infections in Immune Cells and Cancer Cells"

Surya Murty, PhD, Gambhir Lab

"Intravital imaging reveals synergistic effect of CAR-T cells and radiation therapy in a preclinical immunocompetent glioblastoma model"

Travis Shaffer, PhD, Gambhir Lab

"PET imaging of activation and inhibition natural killer cell receptors"

Peng Si, PhD, de la Zerda Lab

"Gold nanobipyramids as optical coherence tomography conytrast agents for multiplexed mapping tumor and peritumor lymphatic drainage in vivo"

Ning Zhao, PhD, Chin Lab

"18F-BLZ945 derivative with macrophage avidity facilitates PET imaging in inflamed atherosclerotic plaques"