Visiting Faculty


Board Certification: Radiation Oncology, Korean Board of Radiation Oncology, 2006
Fellowship: Asan Medical Center, Seoul Korea, 2006-2007
Residency: Asan Medical Center, Seoul Korea, 2002-2005
Internship: Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Korea, 1997
Medical Education: Seoul National University, Medical School, 1991-1996
Ph.D., University of Ulsan, Radiation Biology, Seoul Korea, 2006
M.D., University of Ulsan, Radiation Oncology, Seoul Korea, 2004

Contact Information:

Research Interests:

  • Cancer imaging especially in the field of radiation response, radiosensitizer and drug delivery
  • Translational research with radiation therapy

Clinical Interests include: Cancer Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Radiation Biology and Translational Research

Recent Publications:

  1. Si Yeol Song, Seong-Yun Jeong, Eun Kyung Choi et al. Clinical Significance of NQO1 C609T Polymorphisms after Postoperative Radiation Therapy in Completely-resected Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer 2010;68(2):278-282.
  2. Jeong SY, Song SY, Choi EK et al. Systemic delivery and preclinical evaluation of Au nanoparticle containing beta-lapachone for radiosensitization. J Control Release. 2009;139(3):239-245.
  3. Hong Gyun Wu, Si Yeol Song, Sang-wook Lee et al. Therapeutic effect of recombinant human epidermal growth factor (rhEGF) on mucositis in patients undergoing radiotherapy, with or without chemotherapy, for head and neck cancer: a double-blind placebo-controlled prospective phase 2 multi-institutional clinical trial. Cancer 2009;115(16):3699-3708.
  4. Seong-Yun Jeong, Si Yeol Song, Eun Kyung Choi et al. Enhancement of radiotherapeutic effectiveness by temperature-sensitive liposomal 1-methylxanthine. Int. J. Pharm 2009;372:132.
  5. Si Yeol Song, Wonsik Choi, Eun Kyung Choi et al. Fractionated sterotactic body radiation therapy for medically inoperable stage I lung cancer adjacent to central large bronchus. Lung Cancer 2009;66(1):89-93.