Graduate Students


B.S., Human Biology, University of California San Diego, 2006


2008-2009 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Student Fellowship

2007 Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Research Fellowship

2006-2007 Medical Scholars Grant – Stanford University

2006 Outstanding Achievement Award for Highest GPA in Human Biology

2005 Phi Beta Kappa – UC San Diego

2002-2006 Provost's Honors – UC San Diego

Contact Information:

Stanford University Medical Center
300 Pasteur Drive
Edwards Building, Room R-354
Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: (650) 387-9333
Fax: (650) 736-0234

Recent Publications:

  1. Pearl J, Wu JC.. Seeing is believing: tracking cells to determine the effects of cell transplantation.. Semin Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2008;20(2):102-109.
  2. Swijnenburg RJ, Schrepfer S, Cao F, Pearl JI, Xie X, Connolly AJ, Robbins RC, Wu J.. In Vivo Imaging of Embryonic Stem Cells Reveals Patterns of Survival and Rejection Following Transplantation.. Stem Cells Dev. 2008;():.
  3. Van der Bogt K, Sheikh AY, Schrepfer S, Hoyt G, Cao F, Ransohoff KJ, Swijnenburg RJ, Pearl J, Lee A, Fischbein M, Contag CH, Robbins RC; Wu JC. Comparison of Different Adult Stem Cell Types for Treatment of Myocardial Ischemia. Circulation. 2008;118():121-129.
  4. Kutschka I, Chen IY, Kofidis T, von Degenfeld G, Sheikh AY, Hendry SL, Hoyt G, Pearl J, Blau HM, Gambhir SS, Robbins RC. In vivo optical bioluminescence imaging of collagen-supported cardiac cell grafts. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2007;26(3):273-80.
  5. Kutschka I, Chen IY, Kofidis T, Arai T, von Degenfeld G, Sheikh AY, Hendry SL, Pearl J, Hoyt G, Sista R, Yang PC, Blau HM, Gambhir SS, Robbins RC.. Collagen matrices enhance survival of transplanted cardiomyoblasts and contribute to functional improvement of ischemic rat hearts.. Circulation. 2006;114(1):167-73.