2006 Bioengineering/Radiology 222A

Course Description

Bioengineering 222A/Radiology 222A: An exploration of imaging technology and its use in modern biology, including:

  • Basic physics of SPECT, MRI, PET, CT, Optical (bioluminescence and fluorescence) imaging;
  • Design and synthesis of fluorescent and radioactively labeled probes for biological imaging;
  • Cardiovascular, Neurological, and Tumor Angiogenesis imaging with MRI;
  • In vivo multi-modality imaging of gene expression with bioluminescence, fluorescence, and PET;
  • Human application of molecular imaging in diagnosis and therapy.

This course is intended for graduate students in the medical school (Cancer Biology, Biophysics, Molecular Pharmacology, Molecular & Cellular Physioloygy, Radiation Oncology, Radiology), and from Bioengineering and Engineering.

PLEASE NOTE: The location of all classes is in Clark Center S361.