Roberta Katz

Dean Lloyd Minor welcomes cultural anthropologist, attorney, and author Roberta Katz to discuss her professional journey and insights from her book Gen Z, Explained: The Art of Living in a Digital Age. During their conversation, they explore the values and viewpoints of the first digitally native generation, including the high regard for authenticity, adaptability, and human connection. They also talk about what older generations can learn from Generation Z and what to expect from interpersonal relationships and leadership as the digital information age evolves in coming decades.

Meet Roberta Katz

Dr. Roberta Katz is a world-renowned thought leader and bridge builder between Washington, DC and Silicon Valley who has leveraged her unique talents and perspective to provide insight on the perils and potential of the digital age for policymakers and the public alike.

Katz holds a law degree and a PhD in anthropology, and has put them both to good use in a career spanning technology advocacy, corporate America, and academia. Whether as the Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning at Stanford University, as General Counsel of the company that became AT&T Wireless and at search engine pioneer Netscape, or as Founder of TechNet, Katz has shaped the digital revolution during a period of immense progress and disruption. Her work at TechNet is particularly remembered for galvanizing public education about technology for policymakers at a time when the industry was poorly understood and underrepresented in the U.S. government. 

Today, Katz remains active as an outside advisor to various interdisciplinary initiatives at Stanford, serves on several advisory and nonprofit boards, and co-authored Gen Z, Explained: The Art of Living in a Digital Age.

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