Reed Jobs, Emerson Collective

Dean Lloyd Minor sits down in the studio with Reed Jobs, an accomplished visionary like his father, Steve Jobs, and Emerson Collective’s Managing Director of Health. They discuss how to bring new therapies and diagnostics to patient care, leverage philanthropy and funding to tackle threats from cancer to COVID-19, and build a biomedical ecosystem capable of deploying new technologies to solve the future’s most pressing problems. 

Meet Reed Jobs

Managing director, Health, Emerson Collection

Reed Jobs leads Emerson’s team in the health care space. With a sole focus on oncology, his team accelerates the discovery and translation of cancer research to best improve and empower the lives of patients. 

To achieve this, Jobs is an active philanthropist and venture investor. His philanthropic portfolio includes several competitive grant programs with major research entities in the U.S. and the U.K. Additionally, he is involved in the creation of a nonprofit organization to house altruistically donated patient genomic and clinical data to be made available to researchers across the United States upon request. 

He graduated from Stanford University with an honors degree in history and international security before earning a master’s degree in history. He is an avid traveler and distance runner. 

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