Patrick Collison

Dean Lloyd Minor welcomes Patrick Collison, co-founder and CEO of the e-commerce company Stripe, for a conversation about his journey as an entrepreneur in tech and biomedical science. They explore the origins of his e-commerce monolith, how he keeps Stripe a reliable mainstay for businesses around the world, and why he established the Arc Institute in the midst of a pandemic to accelerate biomedical research. They also discuss the value of continuous improvement in leadership, the importance of understanding generational differences in the workforce, and the critical need to keep expanding the global knowledge base for the greater good.

Meet Patrick Collison

Patrick Collison is chief executive officer and co-founder of Stripe, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet and powers millions of online businesses around the world. Established in 2010, Stripe was the second company that Patrick co-founded with his brother John. They founded the first, Auctomatic, while still teenagers, and sold it in 2008. In 2020, Patrick launched Fast Grants to swiftly deploy funding to scientists during the COVID pandemic. In late 2021, he co-founded the Arc Institute—an institution for curiosity-driven biomedical science and technology—with Stanford assistant professor of biochemistry Silvana Konermann and University of California Berkeley assistant professor of bioengineering Patrick Hsu.

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