John Stamos

In this episode, Dean Lloyd Minor welcomes actor, musician, and Hollywood superstar John Stamos discuss personal and professional impacts of the pandemic, the joys and legacies of family, and overcoming life’s hurdles to embrace purpose and success. Along the way, they touch on John’s four-decade career as an actor (including many show business memories), The Beach Boys and the power of music, and the importance for leaders to respect others, seize opportunities, and find outlets of expression and human connection.

Meet John Stamos

John Stamos is a two-time Emmy Award nominated television, film, and theater actor and producer who has been one of America’s best known and most liked entertainers for almost four decades.

He’s played a doctor on ER, starred on General Hospital, Full House and Fuller House, is currently the lead on Disney+ series Big Shot – and in an industry with so many ups and downs, has built a career that has earned him TV Land's Timeless Icon Award.

In addition to being a leader on set, he has served as a Celebrity Ambassador for ChildHelp, an organization that helps the victims of child abuse through education, treatment, and prevention programs.  He has also found joy in entertaining wherever he can. In that spirit, he has become a gifted drummer, singer and musician who has toured with The Beach Boys for over 30 years, consistently demonstrating the power of constant improvisation, improvement, and activism to create a noteworthy life.


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