James Carville, Political Strategist

In this episode of The Minor Consult, Lloyd Minor, Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine, welcomes the famed political consultant who helped lead Bill Clinton to presidential victory in 1992, James Carville. Together, they examine the leadership skills needed in today’s political landscape, how to handle a crisis when it hits the national news, and the strategies leaders can employ to build trust and consensus. How can leaders step up in our modern era of polarization and constant crisis? 


Meet James Carville

Political Strategist 

James Carville is a well-known political consultant who was a key strategist behind President Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992. He is frequent commentator on cable news shows and is the cohost with journalist Al Hunt of “Politics War Room.” In recent years, Carville has focused his strategic thinking on guiding international campaigns—reaching more than 23 countries around the globe. 

James Carville is a bestselling author, actor, producer, talk-show host, and speaker. His titles include “It’s The Middle Class Stupid!; All’s Fair: Love, War, and Running for President” (with wife Mary Matalin), “We’re Right, They’re Wrong: A Handbook for Spirited Progressives,” and most recently “We’re Still Right They’re Still Wrong; The Democrats Case for 2016.” 

Along with pollster Stanley Greenberg, Carville founded Democracy Corps, an independent, non-profit polling organization dedicated to making government more responsive to the American people. Carville returned to his home state of Louisiana in 2008, where he is now a prominent advocate for the City of New Orleans. 

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