Edwin Schultz Memorial Lecture

The Edwin Schultz Memorial Lecture is dedicated to the memory of the late pathologist Edwin William Schultz M.D., who spent 34 years at Stanford as an educator, researcher, and chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology.  These lectures honor Dr. Shultz and are supported by a memorial fund established in 1972 by his family and friends.

Schultz Memorial Lecture Speakers

Dr. Sol Spiegelman, Columbia University (1972)
Dr. Robley C. Williams, University of California at Berkeley (1973)
Dr. David Baltimore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1975)
Dr. Joseph L. Meinick, Baylor College of Medicine (1976)
Dr. Alf A Lindberg, National Bacteriological Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden (1983)
Dr. Carleton Gadjusek, National Institutes of Health (1995)
Dr. Paul Doherty (1997)
Dr. David D. Ho, Columbia University (1999) 
Dr. David Baltimore, California Institute of Technology (10/1/03)
Dr. Jon Beckwith, Harvard Medical School (10/6/05)
Dr. Skip Virgin, Washington University in St. Louis (5/27/15)
Dr. Joseph Mougous, University of Washington (10/14/15)
Dr. Margaret McFall-Ngai, University of Hawaii at Manoa (3/8/17)
Dr. Jo Handelsman, University of Wisconsin-Madison (10/18/17)
Dr. Vincent Racaniello, Columbia University (10/3/18)
Dr. Andrew Goodman, Yale University (11/6/19)
Dr. Cesar de la Puente, University of Pennsylvania (1/20/21)
Dr. Rachel Dutton, University of California at San Diego (5/11/22)
Dr. Gretchen Diehl , Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (11/9/22)
Dr. Tania Rozario, University of Georgia, Athens (1/25/23)