Raffel Award

Each year the Department of Microbiology and Immunology chooses a graduating student to receive The Professor Sidney Raffel Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Graduate Study.

The Raffel award is made possible by a fund established by Dr. Benjamin Siegel (Ph.D., 1950), who completed graduate study in the M&I program years ago.  Dr. Siegel named this award in honor of Professor Sidney Raffel to acknowledge his many contributions to the University and Department.  Dr. Raffel retired from a long and distinguished career at Stanford from 1935-1976 as teacher, scholar, investigator, and as Chair.

“To overtake Louis Pasteur is difficult, but the race is exhilarating” 
Sidney Raffel

Raffel Award Recipients

Outstanding Accomplishment in Graduate Study

1997 Raphael Valdivia
1998 Michael Black
1999 Mike Wilson          
2000 Anthea Lee
2001 Denise Monack    
2002 John Lyle
2003 Joel Nielson
2004 Mike Cleary
2005 Karine Gibbs
2006 Jenny Kanter
2007 Ryan McFarlane
2008 Janelle Ayres
2009 Mickey Pentecost
2010 Poornima Parameswaran
2011 Kaitian Peng
2012 Erin Simonds
2013 Jennifer Brady
2014 Jessica Ferreyra
2015 Lilian Lam
2016 Samuel Smits
2017 Elizabeth Stanley Shepherd
2018 Amanda Jacobson