Nicole Davis, graduate student in Microbiology & Immunology

Education & Training

The teaching mission of the Department is to provide the best possible training in the areas of microbiology, immunology and related fields. Our approach is holistic in that we are constantly considering the entirety of the system we study, be it the pathogenesis of an autoimmune disease (perhaps microbially triggered) or a pathogen-produced virulence protein that reprograms gene expression in an infected cell. We know that all of us are both student and teacher, be we first year undergraduates or senior faculty. Teaching and learning are our constant companions in the classroom, the lab, the ward or the office.

We offer a large number of formal courses as well as practical training and mentoring in the lab and clinic. We are committed to undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral training. It is the intermixing of able, passionate learners at all levels and from diverse backgrounds that provides our real strength.