Request a consultation with Research IT

Please request a mHealth Platform consultation with Research IT by clicking on the "Consulation" button on the left. We will meet with you to go over:

  • Your research use case and workflow requirements
  • Fitness of your research use case with the mHealth platform (v1 or v2)
  • Application development using BridgeSDK or CardinalKit
  • App release including use of iTunes Connect and configuration of app in store
  • Potential budget
  • Integration with Nero analytical environment
  • Hosting of application specific dashboards
  • Any Stanford regulatory requirements such as the Data Risk Assessment


At the end of this consultation, you will be able to assess the fitness of Stanford mHealth platform in your project workflow. 

Cost of service

If you wish to use the mHealth platform for data storage or hosting a custom dashboard application, Research IT will work with you to develop a formal budget or statement of work. You will incur a startup cost (to integrate your application with the platform) and ongoing maintenance cost. Some projects also opt for workflow specific customization (e.g. integration with another data stream). These efforts will incur additional development cost.

Co-development options

The mHealth source code is open source. We are happy to work with you in a co-development mode where you can enhance the codebase and make a pull request. Please discuss these options with us.