Team Learning Classroom: Alway M112

The M112 Team Learning Classroom opened in the fall of 2005 and has been a favorite classroom among faculty and students. The new M112 is designed with a flat floor, dynamic seating and new technologies to enhance small group and case-style learning.

Alway Building (inside courtyard)
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305
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Capacity: 63

Seating Configurations:

Team Learning 6

54 students in 9 groups of 6 each

Team Learning 10

60 students in 6 groups of 10 each

Case Style

54 students placed in rows

Audio/Visual Equipment:

  • digital document camera
  • video capture capability
  • DVD player mounted on podium
  • LCD projectors (2)
  • motorized projection screens (2)
  • public telephone
  • tablet monitor with digital ink
  • Windows XP podium computer¬†(recommended software)
  • whiteboards (6)
  • wired network connection
  • wireless microphones, lavalier (2)
  • wireless network connection
  • connectors: VGA, HDMI

History of the M112 Team Learning Classroom upgrade

The M112 classroom Learning and Knowledge Center (LKC) interim project is the result of three years of planning. The Office of Facilities Planning & Management investigated capabilities and options in other successful flexible classrooms such as the MIT TEAL classroom. Additionally, the school held ongoing discussions with faculty and students to determine their needs and desires. To test the team learning model, during the 2004-2005 school year EdTech helped the Introduction to Radiology and Practice of Medicine courses hold dynamic sessions in the Fleischmann Labs spaces. The findings from these successful pilots helped inform the types of interactions and technologies necessary in the M112 space. Finally, the designs were set and the new M112 was built to provide the flexibility and the capabilities to accommodate the wide range of teaching formats in which the School of Medicine community has expressed interest.

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