2022-23 Annual Scheduling Resources

Timeline and Progress

The annual scheduling project is a tremendous undertaking in which our team works through thousands of requests in order of priority. We understand that each of our customers have their own deadlines and reasons for needing confirmation as soon as possible. We respectfully ask that requesters refrain from calling or emailing medscheduler to check on the status on their requests, as responding to these requests pulls us away from time that should be spent scheduling.

The Priority Scheduling deadline for Spring and Summer quarters has passed. For all AY23 requests, use the appropriate request form under "Classroom & Outdoor Reservations"  or "ILC Reservations" on the Medscheduler homepage:

  • All new requests: Use the AY23 request form
  • To add dates to events already scheduled in Autumn/Winter: use the Change request form
We are targetting to confirm academic course reservations before Winter Closure, and all other requests in January.

AY23 Smartsheet Request Forms


Pre-clerkship EdTech Resources

Contact Information

For all general inquires and School of Medicine scheduling requests, please contact us at: