MedScholars Funded Projects

The following projects have been approved as part of the Arts and Humanities Medical Scholars Program (1999-2003) or the Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities Medical Scholars Program (2003-present).

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Student Project Title Advisor(s)
Ben Teasdale Viral Metaphors in a Pandemic, How to Celebrate a Birthday in a Psych Ward and Tales of Dying in a 1960s Commune: Narrative Non-Fiction Writing in the Medical Humanities  Laurel Braitman Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine/Medicine and the Muse
Yasmin Rafiei 'Solis Occasum': A Nonfiction Series of Short Reporting on Healthcare Reform in America as Illuminated by the Coronavirus Crisis Michelle Mello, Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and Professor of Medicine in the Center for Health Policy/Primary Care and Outcomes Research in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine  David Barstow,
UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism