Med Fund

The Med Fund seeks to support students at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Since its inception decades ago, the Med Fund supports what is most treasured at the School of Medicine--our students.

The Med Fund’s three key priorities include:

• Financial aid

• Student professional development

• Academic opportunities

Alumni from the MD, masters, and PhD programs, as well as former residents and fellows, play a critical role in Stanford University School of Medicine by making annual gifts to the Med Fund.

Some examples of ways the Med Fund made an impact for our MD, PhD, Postdocs, Fellows, Residents, and masters students include: providing scholarships, travel and conference funds for our graduate students, and postdocs fellowships for our PhD students, and other academic opportunities which allow the Dean of the School of Medicine the flexibility to fund emerging priorities. Recently, these funds made possible technology and special student features in the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge.

Please consider a Med Fund gift at one of these levels:

$1,000 - $4,999: Dean’s Circle
$5,000 - $9,999: Innovator’s Circle
$10,000 - $24,999: Cornerstone Society
$25,000+: Founder’s Society

Gifts to the Med Fund, no matter the size, make a difference to our students, residents and fellows, and postdocs by supporting vital aspects of the School of Medicine program, including financial aid, an innovative academic experience, and a supportive environment for student life and career growth.

For more information or to make an annual gift: Contact our annual giving office at 650.497.6410 or