Non-Core Clerkship Shuffle Data Entry Instructions

The Clerkship Shuffle is a randomized program that includes the generation of waiting lists. The Shuffle for non-core clerkships will take place every Monday.

If a listed clerkship's status is “notified”, it means the clerkship is now available. You will have up to one week to accept a “notified” clerkship. All “notified” clerkships that are not responded to within a week will automatically be DROPPED during the next shuffle.

  1. Login to the Shuffle system by entering your Student ID and Password
  2.  Click Shuffle Requests/Drops to view your current schedule
    1. You may change the status of your non-core clerkships using the drop-down menus to drop or keep “drawn” or “waitlist” clerkships, and to accept or drop “notified” clerkships
  3. Click Add/Replace to enter your shuffle requests
    1.  Click EDIT REQUESTS
    2. Select CORRECT ACADEMIC YEAR, DEPT, COURSE, PERIOD and SECTION from the drop-down menus
    3. Check number of openings and number already waitlisted for the clerkship requested
      • If “0” is listed under “OPEN”, you will likely be waitlisted during the shuffle
    4. Click ADD Request to Work Table 
    5. Use the drop-down menu to change STATUS to ADD or REPLACE
      • If you have more than one row, change SEQUENCE number (Seq) to prioritize your requests
      • Note: The first row is your 1st priority and so forth
    6. To delete a request, click DELETE
    7. Click UPDATE REQUESTS – this shows entire shuffle requests
  4. Use the Only 1 column to request one course from several choices. Only 1 grouping should have a unique number assigned for each group.
  5. Click SAVE REQUEST to save your shuffle requests
  6. Click LOGOUT (upper left-hand side of screen)


  • DROP - Drops a scheduled clerkship in the current Shuffle
  • ADD - This function can only be used if requesting a clerkship for a period when no clerkship is currently scheduled. Your ADD request will be ignored if you already have a clerkship for that period.
  • REPLACE - Used to replace a clerkship that appears on your schedule with another clerkship. The system will let you keep what you have until you are offered an opening in the desired clerkship, at which time it will drop what you currently have and add the replacement clerkship. 
  • WAITLIST – Students who request a clerkship that is full will automatically be put on a waitlist. A number follows the notation “WAITLIST” on the schedule (e.g. Waitlist-3) that means you are the 3rd person on the waitlist. Students are only allowed to be on 5 waitlists during one period.
  • NOTIFIED – When a student sees “NOTIFIED” on their clerkship schedule, the clerkship is available immediately. Students will have up to one week to accept a “notified” clerkship. All “notified” clerkships that are not responded to within the week will automatically be dropped during the next shuffle. This gives another student the opportunity to take the clerkship.
  • DRAWN - If a student accepts a “notified” clerkship, the student will become enrolled and “DRAWN” will be noted on the clerkship schedule. You do not need to do anything when you have a “Drawn” clerkship unless you want to drop the clerkship. 






Shuffle Processes Requests In This Order:

  1. DROP 
  2. ADD