Clerkship Requirements - Selective II: Subinternship

Students must complete one clerkship from the Selective II list.

CTS 300A

Cardiothoracic Surgery Clerkship (SUMC)
FAMMED 364E Subinternship in Family Medicine (O’Connor Hospital, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley-residency practice, Family Medicine Associates of San Jose-faculty practice)
MED 304A Cardiovascular Medicine Clerkship-Inpatients (SHC)
MED 311D Advanced Medicine
Clerkship (KPMC)
MED 312C Advanced Medicine Clerkship (SCVMC)
MED 314A Advanced Medicine Clerkship (SUMC)
MED 321A Inpatient Medical Oncology Clerkship (SUMC)
MED 339B Advanced Medicine Clerkship (PAVAMC)
NENS 307A Advanced Clinical Elective in Child Neurology (SUMC)
NENS 308A Advanced Clinical Elective in Adult Neurology (SUMC)
Subinternship in Neurosurgery (SHC, LPCH, PAVA, SCVMC)
OBGYN 304A Inpatient Gynecology Clerkship (SUMC)
OBGYN 307A Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Clerkship (SUMC)
OBGYN 308A Gynecologic Oncology Clerkship (SUMC)
ORTHO 318A Subinternship in Orthopaedic Surgery (SHC, PAVAMC, SCVMC)
OTOHNS 336A Subinternship in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (SUMC)
PEDS 313A Neonatal Intensive Care Subinternship (LPCH)
PEDS 314A Pediatric Intensive Care Clerkship (LPCH)
PEDS 335A Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Subinternship (LPCH)
PEDS 336E Subinternship in Community Hospital Pediatrics (Watsonville Community Hospital)
PEDS 338A Subinternship in Inpatient Pediatrics (LPCH)
PSYC 358A Subinternship in Inpatient Psychiatry (SUMC)
PSYC 362B Subinternship in Inpatient Psychiatry (PAVA)
SURG 311C Clerkship at the Burn Center (SCVMC)
SURG 316A Pediatric Surgery Clerkship (LPCH)
SURG 333A Multi-Organ Transplantation Clerkship (SUMC)
SURG 334A Advanced Vascular Surgery Clerkship (SUMC)
SURG 338A Advanced Surgery Clerkship (SHC)
Plastic Surgery Subinternship (SUMC, SCVMC, KPMC)
UROL 310B Advanced Surgery/Urology Clerkship (PAVAMC)
UROL 338A Advanced Urology Clerkship (SUMC)
UROL 338C Advanced Urology Clerkship (SCVMC)


For complete information on policies related to clerkship activities, please see the clerkship curriculum section of the MD Program Handbook.