Additional Clerkship Curriculum Information

2-Week Clerkships

The following clerkships are available for 2-week enrollments:

ANES 300A Anesthesia Operating Room Clerkship (SUMC)
ANES 300B Anesthesia Operating Room Clerkship (PAVAHCS)
ANES 300C Anesthesia Operating Room Clerkship (SCVMC)
ANES 300D Anesthesia Operating Room Clerkship (KPMC)
ANES 300E Anesthesia Operating Room Clerkship (Palo Alto Medical Foundation)
ANES 300P Pediatric Anesthesia Clerkship (LPCH)
ANES 302A Obstetrical Anesthesia Clerkship (LPCH)
ANES 304A Chronic Pain Management Clerkship (SUMC, SMOC)
ANES 307A Cardiovascular Anesthesia Clerkship (SUMC)
FAMMED 345E Family Practice Office Clerkship (Various)
MED 306A Endocrinology and Metabolism Clerkship (SHC, PAVAMC, SCVMC)
MED 308C Immunology/Rheumatology Clerkship (SCVMC)
MED 325A Gastroenterology Clerkship (SUMC)
MED 325C Gastroenterology Clerkship (SCVMC)
MED 328A Addiction Medicine Clerkship (SHC)
MED 330A Pulmonary Medicine Clerkship (SUMC)
MED 331A Advanced Work in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (SUMC)
MED 338A Outpatient Infectious Diseases Elective (SUMC, PAVAMC, San Mateo County Health)
MED 342A Geriatric Medicine Clerkship (SUMC, PAVAMC)
MED 347A Stanford Perioperative Internal Medicine Rotation (SUMC)
Pediatric Adolescent Gynecology Clerkship (Stanford Sunnyvale Clinic)
OBGYN 304A Inpatient Gynecology Clerkship (SUMC)
OBGYN 305A Complex Family Planning Clerkship (SUMC)
OBGYN 306A Reproductive Endocrinology-Infertility Clerkship (SUMC)
OBGYN 307A Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clerkship (SUMC)
OPHT 300E Ophthalmology Clerkship (VAPAHCS Livermore Division)
OPHT 301A Introduction to Ophthalmology Clerkship (SUMC, PAVAMC, SCVMC)
ORTHO 304A Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clerkship (SUMC, PAVAMC, SCVMC)
ORTHO 310A Hand Surgery Clerkship (SUMC, PAVAMC)
OTOHNS 307A Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Clerkship (SUMC, PAVAMC, SCVMC)
PEDS 301A Medical Genetics Clerkship (LPCH)
PEDS 302A Pediatric Rheumatology Clerkship (LPCH)
PEDS 306A Pediatric Nephrology Clerkship (LPCH)
PEDS 315A Adolescent Medicine (Various)
PEDS 336E Subinternship in Community Hospital Pediatrics (Watsonville Community Hospital)
PEDS 340D Child Health Clerkship (Kaiser Milpitas Office)
PSYC 333A Sleep Medicine for Medical Students (SUMC)
RAD 303A Specialty Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology (SUMC)
RAD 304A Pediatric Radiology Clerkship (LPCH)
RAD 305A Interventional Radiology Clerkship (SUMC)
RAD 306A Neuroradiology Clerkship (SUMC, LPCH)
SURG 301A Dental Medicine and Surgery Clerkship (SUMC)
SURG 310E Hand and Microsurgery Clerkship (Buncke Clinic)
SURG 317A Pediatric Surgical Specialties Clerkship (LPCH)
SURG 319A Introduction to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clerkship (SUMC, LPCH)
UROL 308C Urology Clerkship (SCVMC)


For complete information on policies related to clerkship activities, please see the clerkship curriculum section of the MD Program Handbook.