Guidelines for Coordinating Clerkships & MedScholars Programs

Students who plan to either apply for MedScholars during Clerkships, or who want to continue MedScholars work during Clerkships, must be aware of and abide by the following policies and guidelines.

  • During 100% research quarters, you may not take any Clerkships.
  • In quarters where you have a full clerkship schedule, you may not hold any MedScholars grants.
  • MedScholars grants during quarters in which you take a reduced Clerkship schedule are possible.


25% MedScholars

50% MedScholars

75% MedScholars

Must commit to working on the project for 40 hours per week for at least 3 weeks.

Must commit to working on the project for 40 hours per week for at least 6 weeks.

Must commit to working on the project for 40 hours per week for at least 9 weeks.

Must have 3 or more “free” weeks with no clerkships. Must have 6 or more “free” weeks with no clerkships. Must have 9 or more “free” weeks with no clerkships.


For purposes of this definition, a free week is a week during the regular academic quarter in which there are not other responsibilities during normal work hours Monday-Friday.

  • Clerkship schedules, as recorded by the clerkship program, will be reviewed at various points in the MedScholars application and approval process.
    • During the MedScholars application process, students starting or already in Clerkships, must present their Clerkship
      schedule and specify which weeks they will be available to complete a MedScholars project.
    • Within two weeks of project approval students must demonstrate an approved Clerkship schedule sufficient to allow
      their approved MedScholars grants in accordance with the above guidelines. If your Clerkship schedule will not
      allow this your MedScholars approval will be revoked.
    • At the start of any quarter in which MedScholars funds are to be disbursed, Clerkship schedules will be reviewed and
      funding will not be issued if the clerkship schedule does not conform to the above guidelines.
    • Students are responsible for advising the MedScholars Coordinator of any Away Clerkships that may affect their project effort.


Some Advice:

  • Plan your Clerkships as if you have been awarded the MedScholars project you are applying for; it is NOT recommended, and often not possible to adjust your Clerkships after you receive a MedScholars award.  The Clerkship program will not view receiving a MedScholars award as sufficient justification for changing your core Clerkship schedule.
  • If you are planning to complete a full year of full-time research* before starting Clerkships, please contact the MedScholars program to discuss incorporating POM Q6 with your research schedule.


*If you are applying for Doris Duke, HHMI, Fogarty, Fullbright, etc. please contact the MedScholars Program Administrator (

**Remember, you cannot take more than 4 units during 100% MedScholars quarters.