Axess Enrollment for Scheduled Clerkships

After clerkships are scheduled, ensure your Axess enrollment records match your Fishbowl clerkship schedule each quarter prior to the enrollment deadline for the given quarter. Enroll in the clerkship section in Axess that corresponds to the clerkship period scheduled in Fishbowl. For example, if you are scheduled for MED 313A in Period 1 the corresponding Axess enrollment would be MED 313A for the class and 01 for the section.

Quarter Clerkship Period
Summer 1, 2, 3
Autumn 4, 5, 6
Winter 7, 8, 9
Spring 10, 11, 12


Clerkship Period Dates are provided for current and upcoming academic years:


Failure to enroll scheduled clerkships in Axess can have adverse consequences for full time student status, financial aid eligibility, loan deferral eligibility, housing eligibility, etc.

See the Office of the University Registrar's Axess For Students webpage for detailed enrollment instructions.