1520 Page Mill Road

  • Departments/Programs: EPS, Office of Medical Student Affairs, Office Of Medical Education, Office of Graduate Education, Center of Excellence, Continuing Medical Education, Office of MD Admissions, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Psychiatry, Medicine, Pathology, HR Cluster, Neurology/Neurosurgery, CCARE, Academic Affairs, Strategy and Analytics, and Strategic Initiatives
  • Project area: 43,900 sf
  • Schedule: Started 11/2015 , Completed 7/2016, Moved-in 7/2016
  • Architect: Gordon Prill
  • General Contractor: Gordon Prill
  • SoM Project Manager: Linda Gibson


Scope of Work

The 1520 Page Mill project is a tenant improvement of a two-story building located within a complex in the city of Palo Alto.  This building is designed as a multi-tenant office building that would accommodate many of the School of Medicine’s administrative programs.  The design of this building was similar to 3172 Porter Drive which includes large open office spaces with minimal private or shared offices and a variety of shared conference rooms and phone rooms.