Working with Biohazardous Materials

Research Protocols

There are four modules in eProtocol that can be accessed online along with detailed information on requirements to conduct research in these areas.


Biosafety Training (EHS-1500)

Covers the safe use, handling, and disposal of biohazardous agents and reviews emergency procedures for an occupational injury or a spill of biological material. Laboratory staff working in the SOM and those working in a Life Sciences Research Laboratory should substitute EHS-4876 for this course.

Life Sciences Research Lab Safety (EHS-4875)

Combined training module for faculty, staff, and students who work in medical, biological, and life science research at Stanford and in the School of Medicine; includes Chemical, Biological  and Compressed Gas Training modules.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training (BBP)

Required for individual with the potential for workplace exposure to bloodborne pathogens; includes online Initial (EHS-1600) and annual-refresher training.

Shipping of Biohazardous Goods (EHS-2700)

Trains an employee to properly package, label and document shipments of hazardous biological materials or dry ice for transportation by common carriers such as US Postal Service, Federal Express, and United Parcel Service. 

Orientation for Laboratory Safety Coordinators (EHS-5200)

This course is designed for lab safety coordinators and lab managers who have been assigned some or all of the above duties by their PI/Lab Supervisor. The Principal Investigator (PI)/Laboratory Supervisor has responsibility for the health and safety of laboratory personnel in his/her laboratory. The PI/Lab Supervisor may delegate the safety duties for which he/she is responsible, but must make sure any delegated safety duties are carried out. Orientation for Laboratory Safety Coordinators provides general information on how to conduct and coordinate laboratory health and safety tasks assigned by his/her PI/Lab Supervisor. Topics covered include chemical inventory maintenance, laboratory self inspections, lab-specific health & safety training, standard operating procedures, incident reporting, and external regulatory inspections. Enroll by contacting the University Safety and Compliance Advisor or Health and Safety Programs Office.

Working Safety Near Radioactive Materials (EHS-5275)

Lab Practices

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