Perspectives from CSI Participants

Gracie Schuh discusses how virtual CSI exceeded her expectations and she learnt more in two weeks with hands-on activities alongside Stanford Medical residents and instructors than in entire quarter at school. Gracie enjoyed role-playing as a physician and being challenged to diagnose a case. 

Nitya Devisetti shares her eye-opening experience at virtual CSI with its unparalleled curriculum and diverse hands-on activities. Nitya describes the exposure to variety of paths and her awe at the scope of accomplished practicioners who represented their fields during CSI.

Madison Dewar shares her great experience even in an online format. Madison describes the thorough content and the ability to develop connections. She also sheds light on her changed perspective after CSI in making a career choice in family medicine over orthopedics or pediatrics.

CSI Scholarship Recepient Mark Lewis shares his experience.

Elizabeth Zhou shares her  on-site experience at CSI

CSI alumni Meera Kahyap shares her onsite experience at CSI