Teaching Facilities

Discover Your Learning Environment

Welcome to the extraordinary educational experience offered by Stanford School of Medicine's Clinical Summer Internship Session 1. As a Session 1 student in our program, you have the unique opportunity to explore your academic journey in the heart of innovation and medical excellence. Get ready to dive into a world of possibilities in our state-of-the-art teaching facilities:

Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge

Step into the future of medical education at the Li Ka Shing Center. This cutting-edge facility is a hub of discovery, innovation, and collaboration. Its advanced technology and modern design provide you with an unparalleled setting for your academic endeavors. Imagine yourself walking the same halls where Stanford's future medical leaders hone their skills.

Center for Clinical Science Research

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of clinical research at the Center for Clinical Science Research. This facility is where groundbreaking medical discoveries are made, and you'll be right there, exploring the latest in medical science. The opportunity to learn and grow in the same environment as Stanford's top medical researchers is a truly remarkable experience.

E.D. Stone - Alway Building

TheĀ  Alway Building is a beacon of medical knowledge and practice. Its rich history and advanced learning spaces make it a perfect location for your educational journey. Here, you'll absorb knowledge from the same spaces that have shaped countless medical professionals.

Stanford Hospital

Your academic adventure continues in the renowned Stanford Hospital, a pillar of medical excellence. As a student in our program, you'll have the privilege of learning in the same institution where world-class medical practitioners provide care and save lives every day. This is where your dreams of becoming a healthcare professional take root.

At Stanford School of Medicine's Clinical Summer Internship, we believe that where you learn matters. Our facilities aren't just buildings; they're the stages for your transformation. Join us in these hallowed halls, where you'll be inspired, challenged, and equipped for a future in healthcare that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Prepare to embark on an educational journey that will leave an indelible mark on your life. The future of medicine begins here, with you.