Final Completion

The Scholarly Concentration completion represents oral and written presentation of the student's portfolio in toto, demonstrating the means by which the student has pursued her/his particular goals and objectives. The completion is submitted online through MEP to the Concentration Director for final approval. The Concentration Director uses this form and a letter from the Faculty Research/Project Mentor* to write a paragraph for the MSPE (aka "Dean's Letter") representing the student's scholarly accomplishments.

The Scholarly Concentration completion is due June 30th before the final year of medical school.

Completion of the Scholarly Concentration is required for graduation. 

*Faculty mentors will be writing about your performance on your scholarly project and their outlook for your future in medicine.



Students are invited to consult with the SC Director(s) directly about coursework, scholarly projects, and learning objects.  

You may also contact the Office of Medical Student Research & Scholarship for one-on-one appointments (call 650-723-0355).