7.1: Tuition Structure

Regular quarterly tuition for the 2020-21 academic year, payable Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters, is as follows:

School of Medicine (M.D. Program)*


Medical School Research Rate


Graduation Quarter


  • Students may enroll in 39 units during Autumn Quarters (Q1 and Q4) for the MD tuition rate, and will be charged per unit for each unit above 39. The per unit rate in 2020-21 is $1,382 In all other quarters, students may enroll in 26 units before being assessed the per unit tuition rate. For complete tuition information, see the Stanford University Registrar's Office Tuition and Fees web site.

Reduced/Research Tuition Rate Eligibility

The Reduced/Research Tuition Rate of $3,531 per quarter in 2020-21 is assessed:

  • In quarters in which student engages in 100% research, regardless of source of funding;
  • After 12 quarters of the full tuition Residency Requirement has been met;
  • In quarters in which the student is approved for Med Scholars 100%;
  • In quarters in which student has combined Med Scholars with research/teaching assistantship (student cannot enroll in required coursework)

Joint and Dual Degrees Tuition

MD students enrolled in other degrees at Stanford are assessed tuition as follows:

  • MD candidates pursuing a Master’s Degree within the School of Medicine will be assessed MD tuition, regardless of the coursework, and will be assessed the reduced tuition rate after the 12th full tuition quarter.
  • MD/PhD candidates are assessed 12 quarters full MD tuition, 3 quarters full Graduate tuition, and the reduced tuition rate thereafter.
  • MD/MBA candidates are assessed 12 quarters full MD tuition, 5 quarters GSB tuition, and the reduced tuition rate thereafter.

Students should submit the Enrollment Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs eForm through Axess when starting another degree program, in order to ensure the correct tuition assessment each quarter.

Graduation Quarter Eligibility

Registration is required for the term in which a student has a degree conferred. Students who meet all the following conditions are eligible to be assessed a special $150 tuition rate for the quarter in which they are receiving a degree:

  • All course work, degree requirements, oral exams, and residency requirements for all graduate degree programs, including joint degree programs, have been completed prior to the start of the requested Graduation Quarter.
  • The student has formally applied to graduate in Axess.
  • The student has only to defend and/or submit the dissertation, project, or master's thesis by the deadline for submission in the term designated as the graduation quarter.
  • The student has filed the Graduation Quarter eForm through Axess by the Preliminary Study List deadline of the chosen as graduation quarter.

Students on Graduation Quarter are registered at Stanford and, therefore, have the rights and privileges of registered students. Graduation Quarter status may be used only once during a degree program. There is a tuition rate of $150 for Graduation Quarter, and students on Graduation Quarter are assessed University health insurance (unless waived) and ASSU fees. MD students on Graduation Quarter enroll in SPEC 801M, and are certified as enrolled full time.

updated August 2020