Returning MD students: The 2020-21 financial aid application will be open in May and we will begin sending award letters in June.

The FAFSA Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) is available through the FAFSA website. If you do not elect to use the DRT the Financial Aid Office will accept an IRS tax transcript in its place. You may obtain a tax transcript free of charge at - click 'Get a tax transcript'.

Applying for Financial Aid

A financial aid application is required for each academic year you wish to receive financial aid. Review the chart below to determine which application materials you should submit. Once your application is complete, the financial aid office will process an award letter for you. Awarding takes place on a rolling basis throughout the year.


  Most Students Independent Students* International Students Where to submit:
FAFSA - with valid DRT match (IRS Data Retrieval Tool)


CSS Profile Application X
Required for married students/waived for non-married students X
Stanford Supplemental Application X X X A link to this application will appear in AXESS** 2-3 business days after the FAFSA is completed
Tax Returns and W-2s from both natural parents X   Contact the Director of Financial Aid for required documentation of income
Links to upload documents will appear in AXESS** 2-3 business days after the FAFSA is completed

X = A required component of the financial aid application

* For 2020-21 a student is independent if their 30th birthday is on or before December 31, 2020.

** To log in to AXESS you need a SUNet ID - If you do not have a SUNet ID click here: SUNet ID


United States citizens or permanent residents who complete the financial aid application will be considered for all types of aid including need-based Stanford grants and loans and federal loans. International students cannot apply for Direct Loans (omit FAFSA) but may complete the other application components to be considered for need-based Stanford grants and loans.

All students may qualify for other sources of support, including, but not limited to, MedScholars, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, or other external awards. The application for these sources of funding is separate from the financial aid application.

Note: MSTP students do not typically need to apply for financial aid.