School of Medicine Registrar's Office Tuition Information


Regular quarterly tuition for the 2020-21 academic year, payable Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters, is as follows:

  • School of Medicine (M.D. Program)  $20,731
  • Medical School Research Rate $3,531
  • Graduation Quarter $150
For more information, see the Office of the University Registrar Tuition and Fees website.  

Residency Requirement

Students must register for 12-quarters at full "Med-MD" tuition to be eligible for graduation.

MD Unit Limits

Students may enroll in 39 units their first and second Autumn quarters for the MD tuition rate, and will be charged per unit for each unit above 39. In all other quarters, students may enroll in 26 units before being assessed the per unit tuition rate. For more information see the MD Academic Requirements for Graduation in the MD Handbook.

Tuition is assessed per unit for each unit above the quarterly maximums:

  • 1st Year Autumn (Quarter 1/1A): 39 units
  • 1st Year Winter (Quarter 2): 26 units
  • 1st Year Spring (Quarter 3): 26 units
  • 2nd Year Autumn (Quarter 4): 39 units
  • 2nd Year Winter (Quarter 5): 26 units
  • 2nd Year Spring (Quarter 6): 26 units

Special Registration Tuition Information