School of Medicine Registrar's Office International Away Elective Clerkships

International Away Elective Clerkship Participation Requirements

Stanford University School of Medicine MD Program students who wish to take clinical clerkships outside of the U.S. must obtain pre-approval from their Academic Advising Dean and apply to the international hospital or medical school by the host institution’s deadline. When the student receives confirmation they are accepted for the international elective clerkship, an International Away Elective Clerkship Approval Request Form must be completed and submitted. After obtaining approval for participating in the international away elective clerkship, the International Away Elective Clerkship Checklist Form, with items listed below, must also be completed and submitted to the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office.

Medical students officially enrolled in international away elective clerkships are covered under the School of Medicine’s Professional Liability Insurance policy.

Follow steps 1 - 4 below to obtain approvals, fulfill Stanford University travel requirements, and comply with away elective clerkship policies.