School of Medicine Registrar's Office Enrollment Information

MD Program Enrollment:

Starting with the “Axess opens for course enrollment” date each quarter on the School of Medicine Academic Calendar, students may enroll in courses and clerkships:

Pre-Clerkship Courses:

  • Required pre-clerkship courses are listed in the MD Program Student Handbook.
  • Pre-clerkship students should enroll in the relevant required courses each quarter.


  • Axess enrollment should match the current Fishbowl clerkship schedule.
  • Each period drawn corresponds with a clerkship/course section in Axess.

Study List Deadlines:

  • Quarterly enrollment deadlines are listed on the Academic Calendar.
  • The Preliminary Study List deadline is each quarter's first day of classes.
  • Up until the Final Study List deadline, courses may be added or dropped, grading basis changed, and units may be adjusted if it’s a variable unit course. 

Enrollment Changes for Elective Courses:

Enrollment Certifications:

  • Stanford University has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment certification service to students free of charge. The enrollment certification document can be used whenever enrollment certification or student status is required for scholarships, medical coverage, loan deferments, car insurance, etc.
  • Request an Enrollment Certification via Axess.
  • The School of Medicine Registrar's Office can also provide a Letter of Good Standing which verifies a student's current status.

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