School of Medicine Registrar's Office Enrollment Information

MD Program Enrollment

Starting with the “Axess opens for course enrollment” date each quarter on the Academic Calendar, students may log on to Axess to enroll in courses and clerkships.  When enrolling, note the enrollment policies regarding quarterly unit minimums and maximums. Also check Axess for any enrollment holds, such as for non-compliance with immunizations or for quarterly check-ins, which will block enrollment until the holds are resolved.

Required pre-clerkship courses are listed in the MD Handbook. Pre-clerkship students should enroll in the relevant required courses each quarter. For clerkship students, Axess enrollment should match the Fishbowl clerkship schedule. Each period drawn corresponds with a section in Axess.

If the Final Study List deadline has passed in a given quarter, but a change to a study list for an elective course is needed, students may submit a request using the MD Program Elective Course Petition form.  Permission to make the change must be obtained from the elective course instructor prior to submitting the petition form. The petition form is only applicable to the current quarter since retroactive enrollment changes to prior quarters are not permitted.

Enrollment Certifications are available by entering a request in Axess. Stanford University has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment certification service to students free of charge. The enrollment certification document can be used whenever enrollment certification or student status is required for scholarship purposes, medical coverage, loan deferments, car insurance, etc.  The School of Medicine Registrar's Office can also provide a Letter of Good Standing which verifies a student's current status.

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