Additional Resources

The following resources may be useful when navigating your MD/MPH dual degree experience:



Students are required to file a Leave of Absence form from Stanford prior to pursuing their MPH, and to file a Reinstatement form prior to returning to their medical studies.  Additional questions can be directed to the Stanford Registrar’s Office.



Questions related to financial aid can be directed to the Stanford Financial Aid office.

Direct questions about Med Scholars to the Med Scholars Research Program.

Contact the Office of Community Engagement to inquire about the Valley and Albert Schweitzer Fellowships.

Consider Internship and Fellowship opportunities with the Association of Schools of Public Health, the American Public Health Association, and other professional organizations.

Contact the MPH institution for additional funding opportunities.



Questions related to housing eligibility can be directed to Stanford Residential, Dining and Housing Services.


Health Insurance

Students retain eligibility for Stanford health insurance for the duration of an academic year in which they have been registered (including summer), but are advised to enroll in health insurance with their MPH institution when enrolled in classes there.  Direct additional questions to the Stanford Cardinal Care office or the health services office of the MPH institution.


Student Services

Dual degree students are eligible for access to Stanford email, Lane Library, and athletic facilities. Direct additional questions to the Graduate Life Office of Student Affairs.  


Other Resources

For additional guidance about pursuing an MPH degree and public health-oriented opportunities at Stanford, students may connect with staff in The Office of Community Engagement in the Center for Population Health Sciences and the Director of the Scholarly Concentration in Community Health.