Clinical Trainee (MD) Support

Applications Closed. Upcoming Deadline: March 25, 2024.

The MCHRI Clinical Trainee (MD) Support program is designed to create a pathway and provide support for training the next generation of physician scientists focused on maternal and child health.


MCHRI is offering a Palliative Care Fellowship. The fellowship is for up to two years with salary support of $75,000 per year. The individual will be identified as the Maggie Otto Fellow in Pediatrics Palliative Care. His/her clinical activity can be in any discipline involving children’s health. Any fellow whose research will be in pediatric palliative care should apply. Application requirements are the same.


MCHRI is administering Stanford’s NIH T-32 Subspecialty Global Health Fellowship. The fellowship is for up to three years of up to 100% salary and includes master's tuition support for up to 8 quarters. It also includes travel budget for fellows to conduct biannual site visits and international conferences where they present their work. The individuals will be identified as the T-32 Pediatric Subspecialty Global Health Fellows. His/her/their clinical activity can be in any discipline involving children’s health. Any fellow whose research will be in pediatric global health should apply. Applications require the same documents as required for a fellow applying for both clinical trainee support and master’s tuition program. Letter of support from the Division Chief should include attestation of 75% protected research time, scheduling to accommodate master’s coursework, required short courses and seminars, and biannual site visits.  Applicants not selected may still be considered for MCHRI fellowship our masters tuition funding. 

Please contact Peter Meaney (, Diane Stafford (, or Bonnie Maldonado ( if you have questions about the Pediatric Subspecialty Global Health Fellowship.  

Funding Details

MCHRI Clinical Trainee (MD) Awards support MD (MD/PhD, DMD, or DO) fellows as follows:

  • Provides up to 100% salary/fringe support for up to two years (non-competitive renewal for year 2).
  • Supports 2nd and 3rd years of fellowship only (PGY5 and PGY6).
  • Used for the fellows’ remuneration and benefits (at the level determined appropriate for their specialty). 


March 25, 2024

Forms for Applicants


MCHRI Research Fellows must be nominated by their Division Chief or Department Chair. The nominator’s letter will verify that:

  • The applicant will spend a minimum of 75% of their time devoted to research during their years funded by the MCHRI fellowship,
  • And, that failure to maintain this commitment will result in forfeiture of the award and financial recovery of the award from the nominating Division or Department.


To be eligible for the award, the applicant must meet these criteria:

  • Hold a medical (MD or equivalent) doctoral degree
  • Have completed one year of training by the start of the award term
  • *NEW* Clinical primary location for seeing patients is at LPCHS
  • Demonstrate a commitment to an investigative career in obstetrics, pediatrics, pediatric subspecialty, or subspecialty primarily focused on child health (e.g., pediatric surgery)
  • Use the MCHRI funding for their 2nd and 3rd years of research training (PGY5 and PGY6) during which a minimum of 75% time is devoted to research
  • Be a practitioner or scientist who has a focus on maternal or child health 
  • Primary research mentor may be from any research discipline
  • Primary research mentor must be a member of the MCHRI*
  • Non-ACGME fellows are eligible provided all other criteria are met
Year # of Applications
#of Awards Funding Rate
Total Awarded
FY 22 40 23 58 $1,511,220
FY 21 22 17 77% $1,506,000
FY 20 28 21 84% $1,651,424
FY 19 27 20 83% $1,564,500
FY 18 18 6 65%


FY 17 25 16 64% $1,815,000
FY 16 31 23 74% $2,134,000
FY 15 27
FY 14
26 17 65% $1,545,000
FY 13 21
17 81% $1,341,200
FY 12 33
23 70% $1,401,000
FY 11 14 10 71% $734,000