Clinician Educator Support Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to request a Pre-Submission / Resubmission consultation with a MCHRI reviewer. How do I go about doing that?
Pre-submission & Resubmission consultations are required to be requested at least 30 days prior to the application due date for the program. We highly encourage the use of MCHRI’s drop-in review meetings as the primary option for discussions related to your planned applications. However, if you require additional support, you may request a consultation via email at Please keep in mind that our reviewers are busy and may not be able to meet individually, immediately following the prior cycle, or based on an individual’s provided availability In addition, make sure you have discussed your proposal with your Primary Research Mentor prior to any meeting with a reviewer as their guidance should not take the place of any formal, individualized mentorship.

2. I submitted a proposal for the Clinician Educator Support Program. Approximately when should I expect to hear back regarding its funding status?
Fall Cycle: 1st or 2nd week of December. Spring Cycle: 1st or 2nd week of June.

3. I was notified that I was awarded a MCHRI Clinician Educator Grant. What is required of me?
MCHRI requires a guarantee PTA at time of award such to protect the account from falling into overdraft. In addition, all requirements of the associated Notice of Award must be met in order to be eligible for renewal funding and any future MCHRI grants.

4. I would like clarification on if my Mentor has submitted the associated mentor support form.
As a requirement for your award (if a Clinical Instructor or Clinical Assistant Professor), the MCHRI Mentor Support Form must be completed prior to the submission of your application. It is recommended that you complete the initial steps of creating an application record 4 weeks in advance of the deadline in our grant management system such that your mentor has sufficient time to complete the form. Late forms will not be accepted unless a significant rationale is provided.

5. I would like to update my application with the status of a newly publication article. Is this possible?
No, this is not allowed due to the short turnaround time in our review process. If publications are in press, please make sure to properly reference them on your NIH Biosketch.

6. My primary research mentor has left Stanford. Am I eligible to continue to hold an MCHRI Award?
Yes, it is possible for you to continue your MCHRI-supported project. Please note that you will be required to identify a new mentor and provide an updated mentoring plan which needs to be approved by the program panel chair(s).

7. I am planning to resubmit my application. Does my Primary Research Mentor need to resubmit the mentor form?
Yes, a new mentor form is required for each resubmission for this funding mechanism as proposals may evolve and significant progress in one’s career may be made given the 5-6 month duration between each funding cycle.

8. Do you provide sample of past awarded grants or recommendations on formatting?
No, please refer to the associated program application form and grant instructions for references on formatting and application packaging.

9. My Primary Research Mentor did not receive (or complete) the mentor support form. What do I do now?
Our mentor form is completed via RedCap. The system sometimes has difficulty when a mentor has multiple SUNet’s. Please contact MCHRI Administration via email at for additional support. MCHRI will resend the mentor form directly to your mentor for completion. Please Note: Last minute requests may not be able to be processed.

10. What does the field “Cycle” or “FY” refer to?

MCHRI offers multiple funding opportunities per year each with chances for resubmission. To ensure proper tracking, please provide the current Fiscal Year (FY) or funding cycle (Cycle) for the associated submission date. (e.g. a fall 2018 grant program would be FY 19, Fall Cycle)

11. I was not funded by MCHRI in the last cycle. Do I have to resubmit for the next cycle or may I delay my resubmission for a future cycle?
You may delay your resubmission for any future cycle. Please note that our funding mechanism may change. Please check the associated MCHRI program page for more information.

12. Please provide information regarding the definition of Principal Investigator (PI), Collaborator & Co-Investigator. Do they need to be included in my application?
MCHRI uses the NIH guidance for definition of Co-Investigators and Collaborators. PI’s are the individual submitting the project that is eligible for the funding mechanism. Please follow the associated program application form & grant instructions for guidance on how to include them in your application.

13. Are applicants with an H or J visa eligible to apply?

Yes, you may apply for this funding opportunity. If an applicant has been approved to work at Stanford by the person’s department HR, then we will gladly accept the applicant pending they will be able to meet the other award terms.

14. I have a question regarding the specific age range for child health. Can you please provide guidance on the age limits for your funding mechanism?
MCHRI uses the NIH “Child” definition. For more information, please view their website.

15. I received the RFA for the MCHRI Pilot Grant Program and am in the Clinician Educator (CE) Line. May I apply to this mechanism?
No, CE’s are not eligible to apply to this mechanism. MCHRI offers a specific opportunity for CE’s to submit research proposals through its Clinician Educator Grant Program.

16. I am a Resident/Fellow/other and will transition to a Clinical Instructor position on [specific date]. I was wondering if I am eligible to apply to Clinician Educator Support Program.
You may apply to this funding mechanism as long as you will be appointed to the position by the earliest start date for the award, January 1 (Fall Cycle) and July 1 (Spring Cycle). We understand there may be delays in processing one’s appointment, in this case we ask for specific requests to be submitted to for review.

17. Is it permissible to have two Co-PIs for an MCHRI Clinician Educator Grant or should it instead be a PI and Co-I?
We do not have restrictions for the number of co-mentors (Co-PIs) or Co-Is. However, one PI should serve as the submitter to avoid duplicate submissions in our application management system.

18. I was awarded an MCHRI Clinician Educator Grant in a prior fiscal year. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, you may apply again to this funding mechanism. However, we ask that the prior award be finished, any expense overage be cleared, and that the proposed project be significantly different than the prior awarded project.

19. Am I eligible to change my Primary Research Mentor associated to my application?

Yes, you may change your Primary Research Mentor prior to application submission as long as the new mentor will have sufficient time to complete the Mentor Support Form. We highly recommend that this activity not take place within 7 days prior to the application submission date so that our Administrative team may assist you properly.

20. Am I eligible to change my Primary Research Mentor associated to my application?
Yes, you may change your Primary Research Mentor prior to application submission as long as the new mentor will have sufficient time to complete the Mentor Support Form. We highly recommend that this activity not take place within 7 days prior to the application submission date so that our Administrative team may assist you properly.

21. I am not certain if my proposed project is relevant to Maternal Child Health according to MCHRI’s definition. Can someone please clarify this?
We would be happy to clarify Maternal Child Health relevance on a case by case basis. Please email to request an evaluation.

22. I am applying for a CHRI CE grant this cycle. I am currently a Clinical Assistant Professor but will be promoted to Clinical Associate Professor in January 1/July 1. I am wondering if I can forgo the required Mentor Support Form?
Yes, you may apply and forgo the Mentor Support Form as long as your appointment is granted by the recommended award start date, January 1 (Fall Cycle), July 1 (Spring Cycle). If your appointment will occur at a later date into the award performance period, please apply as your current rank.

23. Must I budget for PI effort on the MCHRI Clinician Educator Grant?
No, you do not have to budget for PI effort on this mechanism. However, the proposed budget should be sufficient to justify the project and a clarification of how the PI plans to support the project should be included in the budget justification.

24. May I budget funds for a Co-PI/Co-I/Collaborator from another institution?
Yes, this is possible. However, MCHRI will not be responsible for coordinating the transfer of funds between Stanford and the other institution. It is recommended in this case to work with your assigned departmental research administrator and the Stanford Research Management Group to ensure funds are routed according to University policy.

25. I am completing my Stanford IRB eProtocol and the IRB is requesting a SPO number associated with this award. Do you know if one was assigned?
Our MCHRI awards are internal grants and not considered sponsored research by the school’s definition. A SPO number is not required.

26. Do I need to be a MCHRI member to apply for the CE Grant?
Yes, you do need to apply for membership prior to submitting your application. Please click here to apply for membership. Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for us to process your membership request.

27. Can a NCX be requested for a CE Grant?
An NCX can be requested for up to 6 months (max) under unusual circumstance through this link.