Interprofessional Clinician Program Award

The Interprofessional Clinician Program (ICP) Award offers non-faculty staff at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health the opportunity to design, develop and implement a research study that advances and improves patient care outcomes. 

Applicants may include staff from Patient Care Services, Child Life, Pharmacy, and Rehabilitation Services. Research must be focused on care of mothers, babies, and children that are novel and seek to improve clinical care. 

Applications closed.

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Office Hours

Please attend office hours if you have questions about the ICP opportunity.  Remaining upcoming office hours include:

December 8, 2022 from 1:30 – 2:00 pm Zoom Meeting ID: 939 0833 2367and Password: 491990

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ)

MCHRI is committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in all aspects of our work supporting research, education and resources in maternal and child health.

All applicants will be asked to provide a DEIJ statement in their application.

Types of Research

Research must be primarily related to maternal child health. “Child” refers to the expectant mother, oocyte, zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, child, and/or adolescent. 

Projects must be novel to the field and can be a continuation or expansion of the investigator’s current research.

The types of research eligible include but not limited to, clinical outcomes research, patient centered research, behavioral or qualitative research, and health services research. 

Category I: New Researcher
The New Researcher is an individual that has not led or been first author on a published research study. They cannot have served as a PI/PD for a study. Category 1 applicant must identify an experienced researcher to serve as mentor and PD/PI for the IRB submission at the time they submit a Letter of Intent. 

Category II: Experienced Researcher
The Experienced Researcher is an individual that has led at least ONE research study and has been first author on ONE study. This individual will submit a Letter of Intent and must identify someone that can serve as PI/PD on the IRB protocol for their study. 

Student research projects are not eligible for ICP funding.


Action Date
Letter of Intent Deadline December 19, 2022
Full Proposal (by invidtation) Deadline April 17, 2023
Award Start Date July 1, 2023

The project proposed must be feasible and completed within 12 months.

Forms for Applicants

Funding Amount

The ICP award provides up to 200 hours in MCHRI Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) services and up to 200 hours of protected time away from clinical duties through the Patient Care Services and/or the Department of Nursing Research and EBP per grant.

In addition, applicants may request funds for supplies up to $5,000 to complete their project. 

The performance period is up to 18 months and the project proposed must be feasible within this timeframe.

General Eligibility

  • All applicants must be employed full time FTE and employed at SMCH for at least 1-year within Patient Care Services, Child Life, Pharmacy, and Rehabilitation Services. 
    • Examples of non-faculty: Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Child Life Specialists, Pharmacists, and Social Workers.
  • All applicants must have, or plan on, having a focus on maternal child health research. 
  • Applicants must have a masters or doctoral degree.
  • Faculty in the School of Medicine (SOM) are not eligible to apply for the ICP such as a physician that has an academic appointment in the SOM, or a Postdoc that is working within the SOM.
A mentor must be identified for New Researchers. See definition of New Researcher above.  A mentor must hold an academic appointment and capable of submitting an IRB at Stanford University. They must have documented experience in running a research study at Stanford this can be via publication, grant funding, or IRB approved protocols.

You must have a SUNet ID to submit the application in REDCap.  Applicants can call the Stanford University Help Desk at 650-725-4357 and request a SUNet ID.

Policy Updates

Visit Policy Updates for more information.


Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Please contact MCHRI Administration at or 650-724-0279 with any questions.