MCHRI Drug & Device Development Training Program



Clinical Fellows (MD or MD, PhD)*, Instructors, and Faculty who are able to complete the 4-week experience in four 1- week blocks, two 2-week blocks, or one 4-week block within a 4 month timeframe from a projected start date of October 1, 2020. Applicants with an interest in infectious diseases, immunology, diagnostics, and drug development will be preferred.

*The Stanford School of Medicine, Department of Graduate Medical Education (GME) Committee has approved the D3 Training Program as an elective to fulfill a portion of the fellow’s training.


To apply for the program, please submit the following as a compiled PDF document via email by Friday, September 4, 2020 to

  • 1-page personal statement
  • Applicant’s NIH Biosketch or CV
  • Letter of Nomination** from Department Chair, Division Chief or Training Program Director
    • **Letter must include commitment of salary support during the internship period
  • Simple budget and justification, not to exceed $1,500 in direct costs, with any necessary virtual learning expenditures (childcare costs are approved; computers and salary expenditures are prohibited)


Due to the virtual nature of the program, it is not anticipated that the awardee will require significant funding to complete the training program. However, we understand the uniqueness of the current environment and will consider the support of expenditures that will enable the learner to complete the training program successfully. Awarded funds will be provided via formal Notice of Award with the awardee’s financial representative responsible for reconciliation of proposed expenditures to award budget.

For questions about applying, please contact Grant Wells.