Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine
Certificate Programs

A key goal of the Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) is to provide early-career development and enhance the Stanford translational medicine community.  We have partnered with the Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine to provide our maternal and child health community additional professional development through the Eureka International Certificate Course in Translational Medicine and the Eureka Annual Summer School Course in Translational Medicine.

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MCHRI Eureka Certificate Course in Translational Medicine

MCHRI launched the inaugural local Eureka-inspired course, MCHRI Eureka 2020 Certificate Course in Translational Medicine. This 5-day intensive course was held at Asilomar Conference Center in Monterey, CA, from February 9 to February 13, 2020. Learn more.

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Eureka International Certificate Course

Participants of the certificate program receive a comprehensive overview of translational medicine and explore the challenges researchers and scientists encounter in this field, as well as problem-solving strategies, team-building approaches, and effective communication skills. The Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine International Certificate Course takes place in April in Siracusa, Italy.

Past Participants

Eureka Summer School Course

The Eureka Summer School Course provides an opportunity for our participants to learn the latest developments in translational medicine and develop skills that are essential to becoming a translational researcher. The following participants attended Eureka’s Annual Summer School Course in Translational Medicine in Utrecht, Netherlands:

2019 Participants

Jeffrey Liu, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Pediatrics (Stem Cell Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine)

Jennifer Tsai, MD
Clinical Fellow, Pediatrics (Hematology & Oncology)

2018 Participants

Coralee Del Valle Mojica, MD, MPH
Tashia and John Morgridge Endowed Postdoctoral Fellow; Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases)

Marko Jakovljevic, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Radiology

Eureka Monsoon School Certificate Program

2019 Participants

William Goodyear, MD, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Pediatrics (Cardiology)

Zachary Sellers, MD, PhD
Instructor, Pediatrics (Gastroenterology)

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Pediatrics (Neonatal & Developmental Medicine)