Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine Certificate Programs

A key goal of the Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) is to provide early-career development and enhance the Stanford translational medicine community.  We have partnered with the Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine to provide our maternal and child health community additional professional development. 

For more information, please contact Grant Wells, Director of Innovation and Development.

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MCHRI Eureka Certificate Course

As a partner of the Eureka Institute, MCHRI has sponsored Stanford attendees to Eureka’s annual international certificate courses and other Eureka partner courses.  Our MCHRI Eureka alumni have grown in number and strength through these opportunities.  With our talented alumni and support of Eureka leadership, MCHRI launched its inaugural local Eureka-inspired course in 2020. Learn more.

International Certificate Course

The Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine International Certificate Course is designed to build skills to foster innovative teams, critical thinking, and problem solving. The ultimate goal is to produce multidimensional, interdisciplinary professionals who are prepared for a wide range of TM careers focusing on improving human health. The course takes place in Siracusa, Italy. Please mark your calendars for October 16-24, 2021 for the next International Certificate Course.  Learn more.

Summer School Course

Eureka’s Annual Summer School Course in Translational Medicine provides an opportunity for our participants to learn the latest developments in translational medicine and develop skills that are essential to becoming a translational researcher. The Summer School Course takes place in Utrecht, Netherlands. Please mark your calendars for October 4-8, 2021 for the next Summer School Course. Learn more.

About Eureka Institute

The mission of the Eureka Institute is to develop a community of translational medicine professionals equipped to catalyze the application of discoveries for the benefit of human health.  

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Eureka Certificate Participants

To learn more about our alumni who have participated in these courses, please our Eureka Certificate Participants page.


Please contact Grant Wells at with any questions.