Promote maternal and child health research opportunities across Stanford: PEDSnet


PEDSnet was launched in 2015, aimed at building a multi-site network across eight founding institutions which utilizes a common data model (CDM) to enable a Pediatric Learning Health System (LHS) dedicated to discovering and implementing new ways of providing the best care and improving health outcomes.  Governed by parents and senior leaders in these health systems, PEDSnet leverages a common governance structure, administrative efficiencies, logistical, scientific, and training resources.   Stanford joined PEDSnet Jan 1, 2021, hoping to bring new research and learning opportunities to our campus. 

At Stanford University, our goals for PEDSnet are to:

  1. Promote maternal and child health research opportunities across Stanford campus
  2. Engage in meaningful studies that lead to better health outcomes for children
  3. Build capacity to conduct and lead learning health systems research and improvement efforts at Stanford. 

PEDSnet Resources

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PEDSnet includes a team of pediatric data scientists, clinical informaticians, and applied clinical research methodologists who collaborate with investigators and sponsors to translate their research questions into new pediatric evidence.


The PEDSnet Program at Stanford is a key initiative that recognizes the value of creating opportunities for interdisciplinary partnerships at a local and national level, engaging parents and families as key stakeholders in the process and translating data into actionable improvements in health outcomes.  We want to make this resource available to our Stanford community so please inquire accordingly.

Learn more on how to leverage PEDSnet for your research:


For general questions about PEDSnet and collaborating with us, please contact

Jessica Whalen, MS
Project Manager and Data Analyst