Boilerplate Language

The Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research (MCHRI) services are highly integrated with the overall clinical research support infrastructure at Stanford and Spectrum, the Stanford Clinical and Translational Research Center funded by the NIH CTSA. 

The MCHRI offers a child-health-focused, centralized pool of clinical research coordinators, consultative services, study implementation, protocol development assistance, and career development resources for early career investigators. In addition, the Stanford Clinical Research Services (CTRU) provides services through their center.

Below are boilerplate text descriptions of services for grant proposals.

Stanford School of Medicine Facilities and Resources 

For a list of Stanford's facilities and resources description to include in your grant proposals, please visit the Department of Pediatrics Grant Submission/Pre-Award FAQ page, expand the 'Where can I find boilerplate for supporting documents (e.g. Facilities and Other Resources)' question, then click the link for SOM Facilities and Resources.