Stanford Medicine Children's Health Clinical Research Intake Portal


Welcome to the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health Clinical Research Intake Portal.

This portal supports the intake of new clinical and translational research studies that will take place in whole or in part at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health.

WHAT: Any clinical or translational research study that will take place in Stanford Medicine Children’s Health inpatient or outpatient space, or use any hospital services (Pharmacy, Radiology, etc).

WHEN: Prior to IRB submission and execution of the study budget or contract. For grant-funded projects, this intake should ideally be completed before the grant application and budget are finalized and submitted to the funder.

Note: Completing the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health Research Intake Portal is not a substitute for any RMG protocols or processes. The purpose of the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health Research Intake Portal is to connect School of Medicine research teams to the proper units and points of contact at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health in preparation for research, and does not replace necessary collaboration with RMG. Completing the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health Research Intake Portal early in the study startup process can inform RMG processes and budget development.

WHO: The Principal Investigator or any member of the study staff may submit a study to the intake portal. MCHRI membership is not required.


  1. To recognize study operational needs early during study design/activation to help hospital departments plan for operational impacts, staffing, training and cost recovery.
  2. To connect study teams with Stanford Medicine Children’s Health departments and units needed to support their study.
  3. To allow for Stanford Medicine Children’s Health leadership to have more visibility into the robust portfolio of clinical and translational research taking place in the hospital.

For questions about this new intake portal, or for assistance with planning for your research projects, please reach out to CRSO at