Health Care Technology Professionals

Why Apply to MCiM?

Your Professional Profile

You are an early- to mid-career executive-, manager- or coordinator-level professional with a background in data science, data systems, or general information technology systems. You work for, or plan to work for, a medical start-up, hospital system, or other health care-focused technology organization.

Your Goals and Interests

You aim to match your technology capabilities with a new management skillset that positions you for leadership roles. You seek to better understand how technology intersects with key health care functions, from operations to patient care delivery.

How MCiM Will Benefit You

  • Acquire an understanding of the operational, clinical, and ethical complexities that health care managers and senior leaders face as they seek to optimize new technologies.

  • Gain foundational business skills, including financial management, accounting, strategy, marketing, and patient engagement.

  • Build the knowledge and skillsets to strategically leverage data and technology tools in different types of health care settings and to lead multidisciplinary teams.

  • Immediately apply in-class learnings to advance your organization and your career in an industry that values and rewards clinical informatics expertise.

  • Expand your professional network as part of an exceptionally accomplished and diverse group of professionals and thought leaders in medicine, business, and technology.

Are you a Stanford employee interested in MCiM?

The Stanford Sweeteners programs provides eligible Stanford staff members educational funding assistance through the Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) and the Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program.  

The MCiM program fulfills the need for strong leadership in the field of healthcare management. As a Stanford Professor focused on organizational behavior and medicine, I’m excited that MCiM will enable students to apply their classroom learnings directly—in real-time to address real issues


Sara J. Singer, MBA, PhD
Professor of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines) and, by courtesy, of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Busines